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HOA for the Lakeside Condominiums at The Isles on Palmer Ranch, Sarasota FL

HOA Board of Directors

Water conservation: We ask that you continue to be mindful of water usage. Toilet flappers should typically be replaced at least every three years. A small water leak can mean significant water bill increases that we all have to pay for.

Maintenance plans:
  • The Annual Owners Meeting will be held at the Town Center on Monday March 21, 2022 at 5:30PM. A Zoom link will be distributed if you cannot attend in person.
  • Clothes dryer vents were cleaned from the outside on every unit in January 2021. We will do this again in January 2023.
  • Piper Fire should be doing their annual sprinkler inspection on January 25 2022.
  • Driveway plantings: Driveway plantings on all buildings have now been replaced and updated.
  • Landscaping in the common areas around the buildings: this is a longer term project, led by Karen Williams and Steve Hafele, to replace plantings that have "failed". All buildings except 5 and 6 have been completed. You may see some plants with pink ribbons tied to them. Please leave the ribbons alone. They are markers for Brightview.
  • Pest control service is done to the building perimeters every month by NaturZone. Inside service is available as needed at no additional cost to you. Call the NaturZone office at 941-378-3334 to schedule an appointment.
General notes:
  • Grill park: Please note that the grill is for condominium residents only. The propane gas is part of the Lakeside HOA budget. Please be sure to take any trash with you when you are done with grill use. Thank you.
  • Per Isles rules and regulations, all trash and recycling bins must be stored inside your garage.
  • We have had problems in the past with sandhill cranes damaging lanai screens. Please do NOT feed any wildlife, so not to encourage them to come towards the lanais.
  • It's a good idea to change your washing machine hoses every 5 years. You can buy them at Wal-mart. Using stainless steel hoses will last longer than hoses that are only rubber.
  • Second floor residents should be aware that some of your water supply lines run from the attic down (as opposed to coming up from the floor). When putting nails in the wall to hang pictures, consider proximity to sinks. Use the shortest nail possible.
  • If you are on contract with ADT for alarm reporting, you can get new ADT yard signs just by asking for them. All should be encouraged to upgrade their alarm system equipment for free, based on the updated contract that the Isles HOA has with ADT. See the November 2021 newsletter for more information.
  • Everyone should be encouraged to check your shutter hardware kits to make sure that you have enough wingnuts, bolts, nuts and washers to put your shutters up properly. Replacement hardware is available at local stores, and online. The time to buy is before a storm is upon us. Also make sure that all screws turn freely.
  • Window pane replacement: the best company we have found to deal with so far, is Window Panes Inc. Mark Smith. (941) 465-7813. Email is However, their prices have recently gone up quite a bit, so shopping around would be worthwhile. You might be able to get official hurricane strength (impact resistant) windows for not much more money.
  • Garage door issues: a) garage door springs are typically good for about 10 years, and then should be replaced. Banko Overhead Door is a good company to use for this job.
    b) If your door opener starts NOT raising the door, but just hums instead, you may not need a new door opener! It could be the start run capacitor which costs less than $15, and takes 20 minutes or less to install. It is not difficult to do. Contact Doug if you need more info. Also, generally speaking, garage doors should be kept closed when "not in use". See Article IX, Section 18 of the Isles master documents. Aside from the regulations, birds have found the warmth and safe location of the garage door opener (up near the ceiling) as a nice place to build a nest. Thank you.
Links to products that we all have in our condominium homes, that need periodic replacement:
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